Formative Assessment Now

  • Makes on-the-go evaluation easy and thorough
  • Incorporates FA & Visible Learning strategies
  • Supports teacher’s existing FA routines
  • 100 Answer Paddles
  • Wide range of answer stickers
  • Interactive Wall Charts
  • Recording / Plotting Pads
  • Teacher Guide
  • BLMs: Exit Polls; Peer Assessment; Learning Logs etc
  • Tiered Pricing: 1 kit = $125 / 2-4 kits = $110 ea / 5+ kits = $95 ea




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The Formative Assessment Now Toolkit is a comprehensive assessment resource that allows the teacher to check students’ understanding and mastery of concepts in seconds.

This easy to use kit comes with 100 durable answer paddles and an array of coloured response stickers allowing the teacher the freedom to create three distinct class sets of answer paddle variants. Answer paddles increase student engagement and participation and are also proven classroom management tools.

A set of wall charts that work in tandem with the paddles allow teachers to utilise added stimulus material in their assessment questioning. The charts also provide a means whereby students can self assess and indicate their level of understanding. Particular charts can also be used with polling, sequencing and ranking activities.

The Teacher Guide booklet offers a clear unpacking of the kit and a wealth of classroom assessment ideas.

The extensive BLM Resource Booklet presents a range of photocopiables that incorporate the formative assessment and visible learning philosophies of Prof. John Hattie and Prof. Dylan Wiliam. There are exit polls, peer assessment slips, learning logs, formative assessment games and concept maps covering stages 1, 2 and 3.

Two different recording pads make up the toolkit. These streamline data gathering and trend plotting. Such important data can influence future teaching methods and lesson direction/content.

Although the FAN Toolkit can be shared between classes it is designed for single classroom use.

There is a tiered pricing arrangement applied to the FAN Toolkit:

  • Purchase of 1 kit  = $125.00
  • Purchase of 2 – 4 kits  = $110.00 each
  • Purchase of 5+ kits  = $95.00 each

Note: Small schools can apply for a discount – please make enquiries.