Big Book Start-Up Pack

  • Big Book with engagement questions
  • Comes with 25 YES/NO answer paddles
  • BLM Activity Book



This pack is aimed at Foundation Year and Year One students. It can be used with the whole class or a smaller reading group. It includes the big book; a class set of 25 Yes/No answer paddles and a relevant BLM Activity Book.

The big book ‘Sniff and Snuggles’ Puppet Show’ should to be teacher narrated or told by a volunteer reader. It tells the story of Sniff and Snuggles teaching their three younger cousins about good manners by putting on a puppet show.

The book incorporates the Immersive Reading process and is designed for multiple re-tellings. It has a special corner of prompts that appear on every spread. The prompts consist of:

  • Yes and No questions, which can be answered with the included answer paddles
  • Counting questions, which students can answer by a show of fingers
  • Discussion questions, which are more thought-provoking in nature and allow the students to respond verbally

The BLM book is full of appealing activities which are quite varied in nature and include the following styles:

  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Phonics
  • Fine Motor
  • Counting and Number
  • Craft
  • Story making