Anxiety and the Autism Spectrum

  • Informs teachers of child’s special attributes and needs/li>
  • Helps with transitioning
  • Gives the child a voice
  • Highlights a child’s strengths and challenges
  • Identifies adjustments needed
  • Meet Me! books (x4)
  • Meet Me Quickly booklets (x8)
  • Staffroom poster, home posters (x4)
  • Parent Guide (x4)


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This practical toolkit is ideal for teachers and parents of children with autism spectrum disorder who are about to transition into a new, and potentially challenging, environment . . . be it moving into a new class or commencing a vastly new activity.

This toolkit provides the autism spectrum child with a medium where they can share with others their unique strengths and differences. Teachers and other students will be made aware of the special child’s attributes and needs. Teachers will be guided as to the most effective teaching practices to implement with the autism spectrum child.

Being able to communicate their differences and preferences to teachers and classmates is of great comfort to the autism spectrum child.
This resource also provides strategies for helping the child manage tricky situations.

This toolkit comes with sets of parent guides, parent posters, Meet Me! books and Meet Me Quickly! booklets. There is also a staffroom poster outlining tips for working with autism spectrum children.