Pair Class Kit – Purple

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  • Kit includes 40 picture books (5 titles)
  • Each title is values based
  • Parent Assisted Immersive Reading
  • Built on world research
  • Runs 5-10 weeks
  • Lifts early literacy skills
  • Fosters a love of reading.
  • Ideal Parent Engagement resource


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Pair Class Kit – Purple

The PURPLE Class Kit includes:

  •  40 home readers (5 different titles: 8 of each title)
  • Teacher Guide booklet
  • BLM Resource booklet
  • 25 carry bags
  • Strong vinyl storage box

Class kit (25 Students) includes:

x 8

x 8

x 8

x 8

x 8

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x 25

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Pair Kit Purples


The PAIR Class Kit – PURPLE is a home reading program designed for Year One students.  It is the ideal follow on from the PAIR CLASS KIT – RED (Foundation Year). It is a highly effective parent engagement and early literacy resource.

The Purple kit operates in a similar way to the Red kit: books are taken home by the student . . . they are read aloud to the child by the parent . . . the parent engages their child further by following  prompts embedded throughout each book. This extra engagement maximises the development of vocabulary, comprehension, communication / expression skills, reading concepts and other early literacy skills.


Based on Research

Parent Assisted Immersive Reading (PAIR) is built on world research that shows children who have been read to regularly at an early age grasp educational concepts more readily right through their schooling years.

This positive impact is magnified when the read aloud sessions are accompanied by story related questioning and meaningful discussion.

PAIR Picture Books are specifically designed to generate quality discussion between parent and child. This is achieved by the different styled prompts occurring within each book. These prompts cover various levels of comprehension; vocabulary building, topical discussion points, hands on activities, activities requiring child expression as well as tips for parents on narration and interaction.

* For a deeper explanation of these different styled prompts click here to visit the background information section per the Red kit.

The 5 PAIR Picture Books


Value: Curiosity

Type: Prose

Synopsis: Sniff and Snuggles spend the day at the beach exploring rock pools. The pools contain all sorts of natural wonders. What will they discover?


Value: Bike Safety

Type: Prose

Synopsis: The school’s Bike Safety Day has arrived. The children get to bring their bicycles and scooters to school to practise safe riding. Will the day unfold without incident?


Value: Perseverance

Type: Prose

Synopsis: Sniff is building a tree house in his backyard. Unfortunately the weather keeps ruining his work. Will he ever build a tree house that lasts?


Value: Appreciating Nature

Type: Factual Information Text

Synopsis: This book takes a close look at some of the unique animals native to Australia. The facts are presented in short interesting ‘bites’ and are supported by eye-catching photographs and comical cartoons.


Value: Appreciating Nature

Type: Factual Information Text

Synopsis: This book focuses on the strange aspects and habits of the unusual animal life inhabiting the wild continent of Africa.

Treating the different PAIR books

Parents should endeavour to read aloud to their child / discuss the book’s content for at least 15 minutes each night.

The three prose books should be read from cover to cover with the parent ‘asking’ at least one prompt from each double spread.

When reading the factual information books on assorted animals it is not necessary for parents to read the whole book from start to finish. Parents need only cover the facts of 1 or 2 animals per session.

Note:  A red level book (Rock Pools) has been included in the kit as a suitable first up reader for parents / students new to the PAIR process.

Recommended Implementation

5 weeks / 10 weeks:

The Purple kit can run over half a term (5 weeks) where students study a different PAIR book each week; or the program can last a full term (10 weeks) with students studying a PAIR book each fortnight alongside another book of their choice.

The extensive range of worksheets in the BLM Resources Book easily supports a 2-week turn around for each PAIR book. Teachers also have the option of integrating the PAIR books with current classroom units / themes.