Big Book Regular Pack

  • Big Book with engagement questions
  • BLM Activity Sheets


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This pack is aimed at Foundation Year and Year One students and is the ideal follow-up resource to the start-up. It can be used with the whole class or a smaller reading group. It includes a big book and a relevant BLM Activity Book. It does not come with answer paddles.

The big book ‘Sniff and Snuggles’ Play Pirates’ tells the story of Sniff and Snuggles using their imaginations and items they uncover in the attic to take themselves on a pirate adventure.

The book incorporates the Immersive Reading process and is designed for multiple re-tellings. It has a special corner of prompts that appear on every spread. The prompts consist of:

  • Yes and No questions, which can be answered with the included answer paddles
  • Counting questions, which students can answer by a show of fingers
  • Discussion questions, which are more thought-provoking in nature and allow the students to respond verbally

The BLM book is full of appealing activities which are quite varied in nature and include the following styles:

  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Phonics
  • Fine Motor
  • Counting and Number
  • Craft
  • Story making