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Parents Guide Booklet

Parent's Guide Booklet

The Parent Guide booklet explains to parents the workings of the PAIR Home Reading program.

After reading this booklet parents will have a greater understanding of each PAIR picture book structure and how to administer them i.e., how to effectively lead home reading sessions with their child.

The Parent Guide booklet instills parents with information, enthusiasm and confidence for the role they will play.

Parents will learn:

  • the importance of regular read-aloud sessions at home;
  • how the PAIR program works;
  • the layout of a typical PAIR book;
  • the engagement ‘prompts’ corners occurring on each double-spread
  • the correct way to treat the different styled PAIR books
    i.e. prose; verse; wordless; number

Practices and skills that parents acquire throughout the PAIR program can be transferred later to other reading material that schools send home. Schools then, have gained a very handy asset in a knowledgeable, committed and supportive parent.

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