COVID-19 Survival Guide

  • A comprehensive guide helping families deal with the COVID-19 crisis
  • Authored by educational experts
  • COVID-19: Facts and Tips
  • Parent / Child: Discussion & Advice
  • Dealing with Change
  • ‘My Feelings’ Diary
  • Fun Worksheets
  • Indoor / Outdoor Activities
  • Staying Fit


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During the COVID-19 crisis many families will struggle with anxiety issues and possibly diminished levels of mental wellbeing.

The Family Survival Guide for COVID-19: Surfing the (Coronavirus) Anxiety Wave is a valuable, easy to implement family survival guide offering simple, practical suggestions that will allow families to take control of their daily lives during this difficult time.

Families can work through the activities together to promote a sense of cohesion and direction, as well as building unity and resilience.

It provides both fact sheets and activity sheets covering issues like …

  • talking to your child
  • creating a schedule
  • managing feelings
  • managing anxiety
  • fun and fitness
  • mindfulness

This thorough and thoughtful resource comes as a downloadable booklet pdf file that can be viewed on screen as well as printed